New Lifechems Products

As we want to satisfy all needs of our clients, Lifechems has developed 4 new products to complete our offer of chemicals for vessels. These 4 products, will cover an incipient demand of good quality-price chemical products.

Our new products are these, as follow:

  • Desoxidante (Rust Remover) Lifechems: Rust eliminator and corrosion inhibitor.
  • Lifechems ACC: Turbochargers and air cooler cleaner. Furthermore, it inhibits against corrosion.
  • Lifechems Bilges:  Powerful degreaser and emulsifier. It can be used on bilges, engire rooms or cargo tanks.
  • Lifechems Superdegreaser: Degreaser and disolvent. Biodegradable for all kind of grease and oils.

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