HYDRAL 3 is an aqueous film forming foam concentrates (AFFF) based on fluorosurfactants, hydrocarbon tensides and glycol ethers for use at 3% induction ratio.
AFFF is a synthetic concentrate comprised of detergent and fluorocarbon surfactant that form foam with the inherent ability to produce a vapour suppressing aqueous film on the surface of the hydrocarbon fuels.

AFFF provides a rapid flame knock down on class B fires involving hydrocarbon fuels such as oil, petroleum and aviation fuels.
On application, the foam spreads rapidly to form an aqueous film and foam blanket. The aqueous film suppresses the release of fuel vapours. The foam blanket effectively excludes oxygen from the fuel surface, extinguishing the fire and preventing re-ignition.
Additionally it provides a cooling function on the fuel by enclosed water and makes the water float on fuel surfaces in spite of it’s usually higher density.