Tubular containment barriers for hydrocarbons & oils

Barreras de contención tubulares de hidrocarburos y aceites

Tubular containment barriers for hydrocarbons  & oils LIFECHEMS are the ideal product for a rapid absorption of oil spills in water or on land.

These tubular hydrocarbon containment barriers are manufactured 100% in polypropylene. This high quality manufacturing material repels water. Therefore, they are ideal for use in marine environments or on land when it rains, since they maximize the absorption of oils.

Barriers have ring and carabiner at their ends. This allows all necessary barriers can be joined unlimitedly.

The containment barriers are presented in two formats:

  • OB 13-3 is a barrier 13 centimeters in diameter and 3 meters long. They come in bags of 4 units, for a total of 12 meters and 180 liters of absorption capacity.
  • OB 15-3 is a barrier 13 centimeters in diameter and 5 meters long. They come in bags of 2 units, for a total of 10 meters and 168 liters of absorption capacity.

The absorption capacity of these tubular containment barriers has been calculated according to the EDANA standard. This standard put a sample of 20W50 in an oil bath at 25°C and in a water bath at 20°C until saturation and with a weight of 2 min. vertical drainage.

You can request price and availability through the email: info@lifechems.com.

New Products: Rust Convertes and Sodium thiosulfate

Recently, we have incorporated to our range of products Rust Converter and Sodium Thiosulfate.


Rust Converter consist in an organic acid and chelating polymers with excellent dispersing properties. It reacts quickly with rust and transforms iron oxides into a stable water insoluble blue-black metallo-organic complex.

Sodium Thiosulfate is used to dechlorinate tap water including lowering chlorine levels for use in Water Treatment Plants, aquaria, swimming pools, etc.

If you need mor info, don’t hesitate to ask at:  info@lifechems.com


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